• Violetta

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    “...Verena Rein as Violetta manages to find touching tones for her early love. She masters the challenging and complex part in a virtuoso manner and with great laryngeal exertion, which mirrors the fortune of a loving and suffering woman…”

    Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten on „La Traviata“

    “…Verena Rein who portrays the leading role Violetta is a brilliant event by herself. A delicate person with a strong voice who can also act everything she sings; namely grief, desperation, illness until death...” RBB

    RBB Radio critique on “La traviata”
  • Agathe

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    “…Verena Rein as Agathe sang with her wonderful, ensouled voice and apparently managed to arrest the attention of the audience…”

    “...the charming Verena Rein (Agathe) when she sang her heartfelt love arias which were full of poetry and great pianissimos. („Und ob die Wolke sie verhülle”, „Leise, leise fromme Weise”) ...”

    Märkische Allgemeine on „Der Freischütz“
  • Konstanze

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    “…The Soprano Verena Rein from Berlin impressed the audience by portraying the role of Konstanze with an astonishing power of interpretation and she was able to reach the highest tones without difficulty..."

    Westdeutsche Allgemeine on “The abduction from the Seraglio“
  • Lieder Recitals

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    "The German Embassy recently presented an evening of classical songs in German, a Liederabend, featuring the well-known German soprano Verena Rein.(...) Rein presented an excellently chosen programme, which spanned works from Brahms to Mahler and from Richard Strauss and Hugo Wolf to Viktor Ullmann. (...) The choice was wide, no less than 23 lieder in all. Love is the most common theme: love in all its manifestations, its mood swings and alternating states of mind it causes. The singer projected all the widely contrasting feelings very well. As expected of a native German speaker, her diction was crystal clear. (...) In the selection of four from Mahler's five Rückertlieder, and without detracting anything from the others, I was most taken by the second one, Liebst du um Schönheit. Here, there was a very wide range of feelings, extremely well-expressed and controlled. (...)"

    Sunday Times of Malta

    “…Verena Rein sang in six languages with the clearest diction…”

    Osnabrücker Zeitung on „German-Baltic recital“

    “…The Soprano Verena Rein who-thanks to her great voice- gave the audience a magnificent romantic evening. She used her brilliant voice very intensively. Sometimes her voice sounded languishing or passionate then joyful and jubilant. She gave the songs a lot of warmth...”

    Märkische Allgemeine on „German-Polish recital“

    “…It was a very fine piece of art how the Soprano, dressed in a sparkling Elizabethan dress, skipped from Purcell’s lively ornamentation to Strauss’ lyrical songs and then to Britten’s Midsummernight’s tirades which sound a tad mocking...”

    Die Welt on „English Mad Songs and Ayres“ at the Schleswig Holstein Music Festival

    “…a series of songs from Purcell to Vaughan offered by a brilliant and full-sounding voice...”

    Kieler Nachrichten on „English Mad Songs and Ayres“
  • CD - La Note d'Or

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    "Soprano Verena Rein, with sensitive accompaniment by pianist Sergej Okrusko and the Čiurlionis Quartet, performs the lieder with great passion and a penchant for the dramatic, rather than with the distance and restraint we have come to expect from most French interpreters. While stylistically perhaps unorthodox, this performance is convincing all the same, thanks to the artistic seriousness and vigour, and, not least, the singer's vocal prowess."

    "Klassik Heute" about the recording "La Note d'Or"

    "Soprano Verena Rein, the Lithuanian Čiurlionis Quartet and Ukrainian pianist Sergej Okrusko present a recording displaying these very characteristics of French song with verve and passion. (…) The excellent sound quality of the recording certainly matches this superb performance.""


    "(…) The singer elegantly displays a genuine feel for the songs' sensitive, eccentric poetry. (…)"
    "(…) One can hear the Čiurlionis Quartet perform with delightful delicacy (…)"

    Deutschlandradio Kultur
  • CD - Russian Songs

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    "Un programme magnifique, où la chanteuse Verena Rein (…) témoigne d’une sensibilité idéale dans cette sélection de mélodies russes rares dues à Chostakovitch, Lourié ou encore Zaderatski. Envoûtant !", Paris

    "Verena Rein weiß die unterschiedlichsten Nuancen dieser Lieder geschickt hervorzulocken - mal spielerisch-leicht, mal melancholisch-düster, dann forsch oder bedrohlich…"

    Neue Musikzeitung

  • Vocal Chamber Music

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    "Verena Rein is a subtle and herself higly demanding artist, who predominantly performs contemporary music. The timbre of her voice and the pronunciation of the Lithuanian texts left a very good impression.“

    Nemunas journal (Translation from Lithuanian)
    about the concert at festival "Iš Arti" iin the philharmonics Kaunas/Lithuania

    "Sopranistin Verena Rein und die Musiker des Chordos Quartetts überzeugten im Zusammenspiel mit leisen und leisesten Tönen."

    OGA über Konzert beim Liebenberger Musiksommer
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